About Us

by | Apr 15, 2021

Our Mission & Vision

Leo Augusta Children’s Academy is a place where children’s growth and education is provided by a staff of highly esteemed educators with the sole purpose of giving the children of our community a foundation of knowledge, athletics, and a morally good start in life.

We are thrilled to introduce the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy (LACA) of Blooming Prairie. The name brings a special meaning to the Kruckeberg family, holding the middle names of Craig’s parents (Lorraine Augusta and Delmond Leo “Dick” Kruckeberg).

This is their legacy. There is no greater sign of respect or honor, than to ensure that these facilities continue to provide support to the families of our communities as they work to build their own family legacy’s.

Boy Running Outdoors With Grandpa Happy

You Give, They Thrive.

Your donation could provide the building blocks for a child’s play and learning, the sleeping cot for their comfort in rest, support the set-up for a toddler room focused on their learning so that they are learning and growing in the best environment possible during the most formative years of their lives.

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