(Blooming Prairie, MN April , 2023) :

Taking Time to Connect, Care, and Collaborate.

An Important Part of What We Do.

At Leo Augusta Children’s Academy we value the relationship that we establish with our families from the moment they first contact us. It is important for us to foster a positive, working relationship as a childcare and education center. One way that we do that is to provide time to meet with and collaborate with our parents.

Spring Little Girl With Ears And Eggs

On May 23 and May 25, the Academy will be holding parent-teacher conferences. Meeting with parents helps to strengthen relationships with them and supports the learning of our children. Parent-teacher conferences supplement the casual, daily conversations that we have with families through Brightwheel or in person and will provide families with comprehensive information about their child’s progress and allows time for deep conversation.

There is an overwhelming amount of information that emphasizes the importance of parent-teacher meetings and the involvement of parents in a child’s early education experience.


They include:
  • It positively influences children’s behavior. Close involvement from families is associated with fewer behavior concerns or challenges and provides for enhanced social functioning in children.
  • It greatly benefits our children. Several studies have proven that the involvement of parents supports greater academic success, develops self-confidence and motivation, and provides children with stronger social skills and behavior.
  • It will benefit our Academy staff. Close involvement and support from families help to improve the room’s culture and conditions. Knowing more about each child helps our teachers with their preparation and allows them to focus on differentiated instruction.

At the Academy, we look forward to meeting with families for these meaningful conversations and we look forward to engaging in collaborative planning with our families. Our parents play an integral role in assisting our children with their learning and we appreciate every effort. Each parent-teacher conference is an opportunity for our Academy staff to have productive conversations about how to help each child realize their full potential.

We look forward to meeting with families on May 23 and 25.
Enjoy the spring weather!

Doug Anderson, Director: doug@leoaugusta.com

Daysha Zilm, Assistant Director: daysha@leoaugusta.com

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