Back to School

As families begin to think about “Back to School”, Leo Augusta Children’s Academy wants to remind parents that our school-age classroom is available to families who have a need for childcare before and after school. The Academy opens at 6:00 a.m. and will provide your school-age child breakfast before the bus picks them up at the Academy and brings them to the elementary school. At the end of the school day, the bus will bring them back to Leo Augusta for a snack and the remainder of the day until families are able to pick them up.

The Academy also provides children and families with a 5 day a week, full-day preschool program. Leo Augusta’s full-day preschool program provides children with the opportunity to help prepare them for their academic futures. They are encouraged to become self-sufficient learners and to become accustomed to a longer educational day. Our preschool program provides children numerous benefits for children whose brains are growing at an exponential rate. We believe there are some little-known benefits of preschool programming that include:

  • Preschool provides children with the opportunity to learn how to follow directions. Through this, children learn to listen to the support of adults and to view them as authority figures who are there to help them. Basic directions like lining up to wash hands, or learning how to line up can be especially helpful as children transition to school. Preschool also provides children with exposure to school routines and prepares them for kindergarten.
  • Preschool establishes social and emotional development. Much of preschool focuses on the development of social and emotional skills as well as academic skills. Showing empathy for their classmates and learning how to self-regulate their own emotions are two examples of this.
  • Preschool provides opportunities for play. Research shows that play learning experiences prepare children for “deeper learning.” Children’s brains are curious and the opportunities and activities that are provided for play provide exposure to various subjects, creative processes, literature, and other important subjects.
  • Preschool may reduce the need for special education services. A report from the U.S. Department of Education shares that children who attend quality preschool programs are less likely to utilize special education services later on. Preschool instruction provides children with the opportunity to learn early, making it less likely that they may fall behind.

If you desire additional information about our preschool program or would like to tour the Academy, please contact us at We would be delighted to share our facility and programming with you.

Thank you!
~ Doug Anderson, Director