by | Apr 19, 2021


Amy Hinzmann is overseeing, a bold fundraising initiative. The $3 million capital campaign, entitled “You Give, They Thrive”, will provide resources for appointing classrooms and outdoor spaces with necessary technology, security, supplies and equipment.

The campaign will also provide an endowment from which the academy can draw as needed. Funds will not be utilized for operating expenses, such as staff salaries.

Help us reach our goal!

Your donation provides invaluable support to local children. From books and craft supplies to sleeping cots and unique learning experiences, your kindness goes a long way.

Our dream is to provide the best environment possible for learning and growing during the most formative years of their lives.

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Our Foundation

“As a nonprofit organization, our foundation looks forward to forming alliances with other community partners and business leaders; funds will be utilized in the classroom, creating a direct impact on the care, comfort and development of future generations,” Amy said.

“We are excited to offer a facility which will include age appropriate learning spaces. Together with your assistance we will be able to nurture and advance our communities”.


Interested in supporting a specific age group or room? Click the links below to see how you can help!

You Give, They Thrive.

Your donation could provide the building blocks for a child’s play and learning, the sleeping cot for their comfort in rest, support the set-up for a toddler room focused on their learning so that they are learning and growing in the best environment possible during the most formative years of their lives.

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