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New Director Jessica Kremer

(Blooming Prairie, MN October 6, 2023) – In 2018 Craig & Robyn Kruckeberg formed a new, transformative initiative: The Leo Augusta Children’s Academy, a nonprofit organization.

The organization has flourished. Much of this success is because of the childcare and education center’s talented leadership team. Doug Anderson, who served as Academy Director since 2021, recently retired.

The Board of Directors of the Academy is pleased to announce the hiring of Jessica Kremer as Academy Director.

Jessica, a Blooming Prairie resident, has an extensive background in family studies, health, and education. She earned a B.A. in Family Studies from St. Olaf College with a concentration in Biomedical Studies. She went on to earn a Master of Health Administration from the University of Phoenix with an emphasis in Education.

The past 15 years Jessica has served as a Senior Research Program Coordinator at Mayo Clinic. She’s also a substitute teacher for Blooming Prairie Public Schools and a Southeastern Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Instructor. She volunteers with the Blooming Prairie Ambulance Service as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Jessica has three sons ages 3, 7 and 11. Her 3-year-old son, Thorsten, attends Leo Augusta.

“He’s flourished under this model of child development versus traditional supervisory daycare,” said Jessica. “This is what attracted me to the Academy.”

“Our objective is to nurture children with engagement and activation, it’s critical in preparing kids for the next step in their life journey as they transition into full time education. To be present at the beginning of a child’s life is both a joy and a gift. I’m humbled to have this opportunity.”

Jessica Kremer Named New Director

Board Chair Amy Hinzmann agreed. “This is a timely, professional pivot for both Jessica and the Academy. For decades her compass has pointed to education, family, and health. She wants to better our future.”

Jessica added, “I appreciate the challenge and the learning curve that is in front of me. I want the community and parents to know I will lead first as a parent, second as an administrator. The Academy will continue to grow with child-centric care. The team desires to foster stronger relationships with parents, children, and community stakeholders. I will serve as a conduit to support this mission.”

Jessica has also identified a leading-edge endeavor that she would like to undertake – early childhood intervention – to create better child outcomes. Her objective is to draw on grant resources to support this initiative.

“Early intervention is critical to overcoming speech delays, social anxiety, and the sheltered feeling many children have post-COVID,” Jessica stated. “They are on sensory overload as the world has opened once again. Some are struggling and need support. We will be there.”

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When asked about the reason for the career advancement, Jessica showed a clear enthusiasm for both her future and the Academy’s.

“The Board was so impressed with Jessica’s commitment to education and child development,” said Board Chair Amy Hinzmann. “She wants to support our mission of active teaching and preparing kids for leadership in our communities.”


Leo Augusta Children’s Academy offers day care, before and after school care and summer care programs for infants to 12-year-old children.

The academy’s mission is to focus on children’s growth and education provided by a staff of highly esteemed educators and local mentors. The learning center’s core purpose is providing area children a foundation of knowledge, athletics, stewardship, arts, ethics and life skills.

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