Opportunities for All at Leo Augusta

Leo Augusta Children’s Academy is aware that our Blooming Prairie and surrounding communities hold a rich resource and gift in its people and their skills. We are thankful for the individuals who currently volunteer at the Academy, and we continue to seek additional individuals to support our children and the mission of the Academy. We fully believe that our volunteers are part of what holds our Academy community together. Volunteering allows individuals to connect to a community and to make it a better place. Even helping with what may seem like the smallest task can make a real difference in the lives of our children and staff at the Academy.

The volunteers that are currently at Leo Augusta are a vital part of achieving our mission to help our young people maximize their full potential, allowing our children to make connections to their community, to each other, and their world. Here at the Academy, we have a variety of volunteer opportunities to match your interests, passions, and expertise. Whether you have a special skill, talent, or hobby, or possibly you’d like to spend time supporting children and teachers in our classrooms, we have an opportunity for you.

At Leo Augusta, we encourage you to explore the possibilities within the three following categories:

Child-Based Volunteer Opportunities

  • Mentoring and Supporting Children-Playing games, helping with classroom activities, and sharing your hobbies and interests.
  • Recreation-Sharing your expertise and knowledge in athletics and physical fitness while developing a passion for the outdoors and acquiring skills that can lead to future successes.
  • Tutoring Children-Assisting and supporting our children with learning and academic skills.

Nature-Based Volunteer Opportunities

  • Sharing your love of nature with our children and teaching them how to care for our earth and our land.
  • Gardening.
  • Habitats, conservation, and exploring trees and forests.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

  • Family and Group Volunteer Days.
  • Special Events.

The individuals who give their time and energy to Leo Augusta have the opportunity to make a significant and obvious difference in our children’s lives. We understand that giving of yourself and time is hard work, but it is especially rewarding for people who enjoy interacting with children and guiding them as they grow and learn. We believe that it is one of the most important investments that can be made for our future. Please contact us if you have an idea or an interest in becoming a volunteer at Leo Augusta Children’s Academy.

Thank you!
~ Doug Anderson, Director