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by | Apr 15, 2021


Please contact our Executive Director for enrollment information or to fill out an application.


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The Academy has recently received the following donations:

$4000 donation from a local family.

$96,000 donation of stock.
(a great way to donate)

An incoming pledge from a local businessperson has also been committed.

Join the Giving Team!

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With the current Give One/Get One Campaign running until the end of the year, we have turned that into well over$200,000!
THANK YOU to our matching donors! We hope we can make you keep sharpening your pencils!

  • As a non-profit, all funds received through revenue are turned directly back into the care and education of the children and families we serve.  Tuition scholarships, support for special student services, and capital equipment expenses are the priority for donated dollars.
  • Revenue earned in our center is provided by the fees paid by families which cover the day-to-day operations of the facility and organization.
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