(Blooming Prairie, MN October , 2022) :

News From the Academy

The month of September has been especially busy at the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy. Our school-age kids have returned to school, we continue to enroll new children and families, the temperatures are cooling, and our children are noticing the change in the color of the leaves and the corn in our neighboring fields. Like it or not, Fall, and change IS arriving!

At the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy, we realize that change is inevitable and that change can be a good thing; it can support growth and development and provide renewed energy and improved health. As the Director of the Academy, I have the privilege of being in and out of our rooms daily and I get to observe these changes constantly. I’d like to share with you a few changes that I’ve observed, and I hope that they are as exciting to you as they are to me.

Doug Laca
Learning Happens Constantly!
Our rooms are filled with educational toys, learning resources, and games that stimulate our children’s minds and allow them to experience opportunities that may be new to them. Our curriculum supports their strengths and allows for practice and resources if it’s an area of growth. We are all at different levels on our educational journey and the Creative Curriculum program was developed to nurture those differences and to support the growth and learning of children.

Team Members Continue to Learn!
At the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy, our team members continue to learn and grow and are provided professional development opportunities as well as time to pursue their professional interests and areas of study. Currently, we have three team members enrolled in college coursework that allows them to strengthen their knowledge and expertise in early childhood education. We meet monthly as a staff to discuss the Academy, our strengths, and our areas of growth as a childcare-education center.

We Continue to Grow!
Each week we continue to provide tours of the Academy and we continue to meet individually with families who have an interest in our center and in the possibility of having their child attend the Academy. As our enrollment grows, we then look to add highly qualified and experienced individuals to our Academy Team. We are excited about the idea of opening additional classrooms and bringing in additional children and staff. The Academy continues to grow in meeting the needs of children.

We Continue to Grow Within Our Community!
The Leo Augusta Children’s Academy sincerely appreciates the support that we have received from our community. Our list of Academy Volunteers is growing, and the list of possibilities for volunteers is growing and changing. We are currently making plans to integrate our children into organizations and businesses within Blooming Prairie and we look forward to future partnerships that will be formed. Recently our kids had the chance to participate in the Vehicle Fair and we are grateful for the volunteers who coordinated that event.

So, change really can be a good thing!  As we observe the beautiful changes from summer to fall, also know that here at the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy our children are growing, learning, and changing daily.  The changes for us are exciting and we are honored that we get to be a part of that change.  We invite you to stop by the Academy to see the growth that is taking place and to experience the excitement, joy, and delight of childcare and education at the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy!

~ Doug Anderson, Academy Director


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Doug Anderson, Director: doug@leoaugusta.com

Daysha Zilm, Assistant Director: daysha@leoaugusta.com

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