What Partnerships Can Do

At Leo Augusta Children’s Academy we have several partnerships with individuals and organizations who all support our children and our mission. If you’ve not yet had the chance to see our mission, here it is. The objective of the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy is to deliver a hands-on model of child development with the capacity to serve over 100 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Using a structured curriculum and flexibility, our learning and care philosophy will focus on emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development in a nurturing and secure environment.

At the Academy, we have partnerships with donors and foundations that support the educational needs of our children through the donation of books, educational materials, professional development and training, and games. We have been provided the opportunity to apply for grants that support our children, our facilities, and our programming. Other grants support the education and professional development needs of our staff through seminars, workshops, courses, and conferences. 


We believe strongly that professional development supports our staff in their career development, allowing them to gain new skills and grow in areas that are of interest to them. When early education educators are exposed to the latest educational trends, they can then incorporate new methods into their programming and make changes needed to improve their teaching practices. It only makes sense that if we are in the business of education, we, too, remain current with what is happening in the early education world and then bring those techniques back to our classrooms at Leo Augusta. Identifying those key trends allows us to better support our children and our families. Professional development courses, training, and workshops provide an active platform for our teachers to collaborate and learn from one another through peer-to-peer learning. While participating in professional development and collaboration, staff have the opportunity to rejuvenate, refresh, and recharge from their busy and demanding schedules.

The partnerships that we have with individuals and organizations at times are quite visible and at other times they work quietly and in the background supporting our children, families, and mission. We are thankful and honored to have several partnerships in this community.

If you have a desire to partner with us or would like to learn more about us and who we serve, please contact us at info@leoaugusta.com

Doug Anderson, Director
Leo Augusta Children’s Academy

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