(Blooming Prairie, MN September , 2022) :

The Importance of Family Communication

At the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy, our staff values the importance of communication with families and caregivers. Strong partnerships with families are built on good communication. When our families and staff communicate and share what is observed and experienced, it creates opportunities for each of us to better understand and support development growth. Effective communication helps to inform, reassure, and engage our families. For the Team Members at the Academy, our staff can automate and digitize our daily childcare reports allowing us to share the day’s events with our families. Recording child progress and sharing developmental milestones allows families to see first-hand the skills and developmental growth taking place.

Staff members have the opportunity to provide information and memorable photos and videos to our parents’ phones or through email messages. Improving parent communication is one of Brightwheel’s top priorities and we have been pleased with what it has to offer. The messaging platform is built for the specific needs of parents and staff and creates a simple, all-in-one solution to keep all communication with our families within the Brightwheel environment. There are several different ways parents, teachers, and directors can communicate within brightwheel through our messaging platform.

They include:
  • Director and Parent Messaging – This feature has been specifically designed for directors to better communicate with parents and there are a few options that can be selected to determine who should receive/be able to view the messages:
    • Individual parent(s) (and visible by all staff)
    • Individual parent(s) (and only visible by directors/managers)
    • Entire Room(s)/Program
  • Director and Staff Messaging – Any director or staff member can draft and send messages to each other for easy communication in the program without having to leave brightwheel.
  • Teacher to Parent Messaging – Any teacher or staff member can draft and send messages to parents of any children assigned to their rooms.
  • Parent to Teacher Messaging – Parents can reply in a threaded message to any communication from teachers or staff as well as send new messages to communicate Late Drop Off, Late Pick Up, Early Pick Up,and Absent notifications.
  • Announcements and Newsletter Distribution

At the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy, we realize that when caregivers and families work together in earnest to foster effective communication and develop a collaborative relationship, our children benefit greatly from that partnership.  If you have questions on the brightwheel app or would like additional information, please reach out to the Academy at 507-572-2062 or by emailing us at info@leoaugusta.com.

Please contact the Team Leaders below if you have any questions!

Thank you!

Doug Anderson, Director: doug@leoaugusta.com

Daysha Zilm, Assistant Director: daysha@leoaugusta.com

For updates on progress and development follow the LACA Facebook page.