The Leo Augusta Children’s Academy has currently posted its positions to our website, Facebook, Indeed, LinkedIn, and the Steele County Times.  As an interested observer, you are likely wondering exactly what kind of individual is it that we are looking for at the Academy?  This newsletter will focus on the priorities and philosophies that we have surrounding the type of individual that will be caring for your child.

Passionate. At the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy (LACA) we understand that parents put a lot of thought and consideration into which childcare/education center is the best fit for their child.  One item that is likely evident from the moment you walk in is whether the staff is passionate about children.  A center may have a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility, which the Academy will be, but unless those who work there are passionate about their work, and the difference they make in the life of the child, parents will have hesitation.

Our staff will be passionate about their work.

A Love For Children and Working With Children Members of the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy Team love children and are excited daily about the opportunity that they have to make a difference in the life of a young child.  We fully understand the privilege and role that we play in partnering with you during those vital first years of their lives.

Our team members love children and love working with children.

Experience Our experienced team members will bring their child care skills to the Academy, which also brings confidence.  Having worked with children previously and having gained skills and abilities that are related to child care are key.

Our LACA staff have experience working with children.

Early Childhood Education. It’s important that staff have had educational opportunities that have provided them with a foundation in early childhood education.   Early childhood education refers to the period from a child’s birth to when they enter kindergarten.  It is an extremely important time when our children learn critical social and emotional skills.  It is more than just preparation for elementary school.  Its goal is to support the development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Our team members will have had early childhood educational opportunities.

Training The Leo Augusta Children’s Academy has made it a priority to bring in our staff early, in April before children arrive, to train them in the philosophies of the Academy, our policies and procedures, those components required by the MN Department of Human Services, and first aid and CPR.  Along with those mentioned above, the Academy has also partnered with the Center for Early Education and Development at the University of Minnesota to provide our staff with a 42-hour course on early childhood education, social and emotional learning, and behavioral training.  This course is made possible by a generous grant from the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.

Our Academy staff will be provided with quality childcare training.

Adaptability and Patience. Most of us realize that children, at times, can test our patience.  Some days are perfect; others may be challenging.  At times the diversity in a child’s learning can also be overwhelming.  Regardless of the child’s mood on any given day, an adaptable and patient teacher and child care worker can handle both with skill and grace.  When we demonstrate patience, we are also giving our children the message that they are validated and valued.  Through this, we model respect, empathy, security, and positive self-esteem.

The Academy team members will be adaptable and patient.

Ability To Build/Maintain Strong Relationships As a LACA Team Member it will be important to each of us that we build and nurture the relationships that we have with our children.  Loving, stable, and responsive relationships are fundamental to the child’s development.  Through these relationships, our children learn how to think, understand, behave, communicate and how to express their wants and needs.  Our staff will also work to foster positive and strong connections with our parents and families.  When staff and parents work as partners our children’s achievement and growth improve as well as their emotional well-being.

Our Academy staff will work to build and maintain strong relationships with our families.

Does this sound interesting?

Are these qualities describing you?

Are you seeking a professional change in your life?

Do you want to make a difference each day in the life of a child?

If so, open positions at the Academy will be posted shortly.  Stay tuned!

For updates on progress and development follow the LACA Facebook page.