(Blooming Prairie, MN August , 2022) :

We Value The Experience & Education Of Our Academy Team Members!

At the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy, we value the experience and education of our Academy Team members.  We understand the potential benefits of early childhood education for our children, families, and society are significant.  We also know that they can only be realized if the programs are of high quality and provided by an educated and experienced staff. It’s extremely important that our team members can provide intentional, individualized instruction that capitalizes on the curiosity of children and then embeds learning into their everyday routines and play.  A highly qualified early childhood educator is an individual who can create a dynamic and accountable learning environment.  They are also at the center of a high-quality early learning experience.

ImageWe are blessed at the Academy to have teaching team members that have Bachelor’s degrees in teaching and elementary education, an Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education degree, a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, other four-year educational degrees, as well as individuals who will soon be completing degrees in Early Childhood Care and Education, and Early Childhood Development. Our Program Assistants have years of experience working with children in childcare or public-school settings.

At the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy, we value and promote professional development for our team members. It is not enough to demand high-quality education for our young children, but we also must ensure that our staff is provided with quality development and training. Skills, education, knowledge, competencies, and qualification are important components of our staff training. At the Academy, each person, directors included, creates a professional development growth plan that allows them to strengthen their skills and talents while at the same time making available support for areas of growth. At Leo Augusta, we realize that we are all learners on a continuum in need of education and support. Professional development and preparation support systems ensure seamless progression for early childhood care and education and support our staff to advance their education, professional learning, and careers.

The quality of our staff will be one of the most influential factors that determine our children’s success. Highly qualified staff members are more likely to expand the capabilities and desires of our children to learn and succeed. At the Leo Augusta Children’s Academy, we are confident that the individuals that we have working with our children are highly qualified, intelligent, compassionate, and caring individuals who love what they do and who they work with. You are welcome to stop in and see them in action.

Please contact the Team Leaders below if you have any questions!

Thank you!

Doug Anderson, Director: doug@leoaugusta.com

Daysha Zilm, Assistant Director: daysha@leoaugusta.com

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